Charging Your World
Charging Your World

Our Story

Founded in 2015, the Electrical Vehicle Charging Association (EVCA) is a trade association representing charging infrastructure manufacturers, installers, operators, maintenance providers, and any company with a vested interest in the successful deployment of EV charging infrastructure that engages in the legislative process, regulatory rulemakings, and incentive programs designed to advocate for the growth of both the EV and EV charging industries. We currently focus on the California, Oregon, and Washington markets.

EVCA Advocacy Pillars


Promote policies that encourage the development of new technologies to increase EV access to all communities and offer new ways to charge EVs.


Promote growth among charging companies and service providers to create a healthy private sector that provides benefits to customers in the form of new services, more cost-effective services, or improved services.

Business Model Inclusivity

Enable greater participation of EV charging business models in incentive programs and policies that encourage electrification. Inclusivity encourages more private sector investment, helping industry achieve greater economies of scale and expanding the public’s access to clean transportation.

Improved Community Experience

Create reliable and seamless charging networks that offer customers a positive charging experience.


Support policies that advance access to reliable EV charging infrastructure in all communities.

EVCA Members

Our Reach

EVCA has presence spanning the entire west coast. Our members strive to make an impact for our planet by advocating for clean mobility through innovation.